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Court of the Dead

Jan 9, 2014

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We are all familiar with the usual suspects of the 1/6 world... SideShow, Hot Toys. Enterbay, Medicom etc etc...

But lurking underneath all that.... there is a vast world of 1/6 figure customisation and production, creations that you may not know what the subject matter is but what these artist produce is somewhat amazing, I myself have a few pieces from these artist and its always a talking point when people visit my office.

OK, Clash of the Titans - what is it?

Well the good people at 1:AM Gallery are putting on a show that I think brings the best of these artist from around the world, into one gallery....

Joel Emslie, Winson Ma, Kenny Wong, RC Works, 1000toys, Psycho Customs, Zuno, Ligh BLACK, K13 Toys, Brac, HiKiKoMoRi Studio, makadi 3000, AX2 Studio. I'm sure you may of heard of a few of them.

Shame I live so so far aways as this is a great opportunity to see so many talented artists work in one place,  BUT if you live close then I suggest you head over to 1:AM gallery tomorrow for the opening night, you won't be disappointed.

First Amendment Gallery
1000 Howard Street
San Francisco
CA 94103

Lets hope James the curator can organise something like this for Europe in the future (James and I have spoke about a UK/EU show but only briefly)

Thanks for reading

Wai Man


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