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Court of the Dead

Jan 10, 2014

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Hindrance of a Whisper - Matt A* x RSIN collaboration 
Matt A* has teamed up with Rsin to produce a great painted original sculpture being named "Hindrance of a Whisper". Artist Matt A*, Matt Anderson, is a fantastic sculptor, however, he is colorblind. This leads to a lot of created pieces being a bit color muted. Enter Matt's friend and artist, Rsin. Rsin has become great with a color palette, having come a long way from sticker applications.
Standing a good 12 inches, Matt A* created the original sculpture and Rsin created the base, while also painting the entire piece. Rsin was able to bring Matt's sculpture to life by using one side of the color spectrum. With a lot of yellow and orange in this piece, it would have been great to see a bit contrast with color from the blue spectrum. Overall, Hindrance of a Whisper is a great collab piece and hopefully just the start of some future Matt A* collabs.

Hindrance of a Whisper is available now on Matt A*'s online store, for $500 plus shipping. Be sure to follow both of these amazing artists on various social media.


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