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Court of the Dead

Jan 23, 2015

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Lou Pimentel's When Hell Freezes Over 2 Exhibition

Fine Artist Lou Pimentel's "When Hell Freezes Over" Exhibition returns for a 2nd installment at My Plastic Heart Gallery February 7th. Custom "Cranston Fellows Jr" Sofubi figures from many artists will be on exhibition and up for sale. Keep an eye out for pieces from;

64 Colors, Andrea Kang, Bj√∂rnik, Blazon Brikhaus
Brent Nolasco, Carson Catlin, Chauskoskis, Dril One, Fakir, Huck Gee, J*RYU Art, Jeremiah Ketner, Joe Scarano, Jon Paul Kaiser, kaNO, Kong Andri, Lana Crooks, Leecifer, Lou Pimentel, Macsorro, Map Map, Miss Zukie, Nerviswr3k, Nugglife, Reactor88, Richard Page, Rsin, Scott Tolleson, Southern Drawl, Squink, Sucklord, Tasha Zimich, TaskOne

We're seeing custom Juniors popping up on Social Media, check out some of the pieces slated for exhibition Feb 7th;


JPK Teaser Image

Squink Teaser

Carson Catlin Teaser

Keep an eye out for more custom Juniors on Social Media via hashtags #WhenHellFreezesOver2 , +Lou Pimentel  and +Vincent Yu , and by signing up for preview Here.


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