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Court of the Dead

Feb 12, 2015

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One-Of Cass Jerman Beasties To Be Your Bestie

Cass Jerman @cassjerman 's been busy (but, she's never too busy for you, sugar) in the Chudfundary desert collective sculpting, casting and painting little 1-of friends.

An assortment of 15 hand painted critter sculpts which debuted at DesignerCon 2014 are available on Cass' eStore here ranging from 35-40$ea. These are 1-of paint jobs, and will not be reproduced.

Periodically Cass will post a new one-of-a-kind colorway to her instagram @cassjerman and put it up on her eStore, so follow along to stay up-to-date with the new releases. Once all these casts find homes, the molds will be retired, and a new different project will replace them, so collect your favourites!


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