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Court of the Dead

Feb 9, 2015

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Big Cat Series 1 by Fuller Designs

James Fuller, of Fuller Designs, has been busy lately creating new figures. Wanting to go bigger, Fuller created a 6" figure based on his Grrr character. Sculpted to be a little rough around the edges and all grown up, Series 1 of Grrr Big Cat Series features 4 different designs: Classic Tiger, Snow Leopard, Lion and Panther(Bloody). Priced at $140 each plus shipping, each figure was molded and cast by Fuller himself. Painted using Createx airbrush paints and acrylics, these are definitely a labor of love by Fuller. If these sell well, Fuller might be able to produce a Series 2 later this year. Due to the amount of work involved in creating these beasts, Fuller had to make the decision to limit the number of designs per series to just 4. Be sure to check them out and pick one up, these are great. As of right now, the Classic Tiger edition is sold out but there are a number of each of the remaining 3 designs.


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