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Court of the Dead

Jan 20, 2014

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Lil Jammies Artist Series - Spellbinder by Alarment

Fuller Design's Lil Jammies Artist Series is shaping up nicely, with great customs being produced on the Lil Jammies platform. Spellbinder is alarment's contribution to the Lil Jammies series. With a lot of sculpting over the original design, alarment made what was originally the back of the Lil Jammie's head, the focal point of Spellbinder. Alarment did a great job keeping the overall Lil Jammies shape, while also combining the creature aspect, which is typical for alarment's customs.

The Lil Jammies Series is expected to be available on January 31st and will retail for $70 plus shipping. To make this series more enticing, Fuller has teamed up with stores Vinyl Riot and Collect and Display to give away two DIY packages to a couple of lucky customers who purchase a Lil Jammie from the series. Keep an eye out on this blog for more releases.
In the meantime, to purchase a DIY Lil Jammie, head on over to one of these stores;


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