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Jan 21, 2014

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Little Helpers / Blindbox Robots - by Cris Rose

Little Helper by Cris Rose
Cris Rose is releasing some new affordable little resin robots that he's been teasing for a few months now. In between restoring some old Gameboy as part of some project, Cris Rose has created a new set of fully hand painted, 2-3" resin robots, called Little Helpers. Priced at $25 each, these 2-3" Little Helpers feature no articulation or lights, nor can they automatically vacuum the carpet. These Little Helpers are, however, hand painted and feature some great detail and craftsmanship, something that Cris Rose tends to pride himself on.
A Bunch of Little Helpers by Cris Rose(taken from Cris Rose's Instagram Feed)
This first batch of 20 Little Helpers will be sold blindboxed and mostly be painted in winter blues and whites, with a Gold chase thrown into the mix. From the sound of it, this is just the beginning, of what will possibly be a rainbow of available colors in the future, with each released batch containing a gold chase.

This first batch of Little Helpers is going to become available in Cris Rose's online store on Thursday, January 23, at 6PM London Time (10AM PST). Again, each robot retails for $25 plus shipping and will be sold as blind boxed. So, what is shown in the various available pictures does not necessarily represent what will be received.


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