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Court of the Dead

Apr 3, 2014

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Back the March of Robots Art Book Kickstarter by Dacosta!
Dacosta! is an incredibly talented graphic artist with a strong interest in robots as a subject matter. He has really inspired a bunch of our contemporary artists and illustrators to share their robot artwork, sketches and digital pieces online via his "March of Robots" social media campaign. I know my friends Steve Talkowski and Klim Kozinevich have participated by sharing and tagging their own robot pieces. You can look at all the insanely cool artwork contributed to Dacosta's March of Robots campaign here.

Dacosta is now taking his own robot artwork and compiling it into possibly the most exhilarating and colorful art book I've ever seen- all robots, all the time, front front cover to back!

I have backed this project, the artwork is just TOO COOL to pass up. I want to introduce my kids to art and illustration via books like these. And I can say I know the artist who created it- talk about Cool Dad factor.

The book is the main reward on this Kickstarter, of course, and you can preorder your signed copy for just $30. There are tons of other cool robot-related rewards as well.

There's only 11 days to go, so make sure to act quickly to get Dacosta up to his funding goal! So close!


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