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Court of the Dead

Apr 5, 2014

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DamToys - Gangsters Kingdom - Juárez

I’ve been a fan of the DamToys Gangster Kingdom line from the very beginning, I first thought it was loosely based on British gangster flick actors, but past few releases steered away from that....

Most recent announcement from DamToys is this GK006 - The Gangsters Kingdom - Diamond 3 Juárez!!! 

Now I think you will know who the character is based on!!

This by far is the meanest looking release of the line, think a lot has to do with the bloody weapons!!

Almost all of the early releases have been sold out, besides the normal auction sites, you will be had pressed to find an early one at your local figure vendor.

With this release, DamToys have made an additioal 100 chase/hidden versions that will be randomly placed in with the regular, so if you strike lucky, below is what you will get - Good Luck.

Even as a stand alone piece this has got to be the one to have, so search out Juárez, before he finds you…….!

If you want to see the full range of the Gangsters Kingdom line, please click here DamToys will shoot you to the official DamToys page.

Now we have seen this announcement, I have noticed in various social media that people want El Mariachi next!!

Anyway we shall see!!

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