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Court of the Dead

Apr 2, 2014

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Coffee and Fried Chicken!

M and R, stars of the Coffee and Fried Chicken blog

And now for something completely different...

Coffee & Fried Chicken (in addition to being a delicious gastronomic combo) is a new blog from Kun-I Chang and Shihwen Lin.  The New York-based duo's blog features the daily life and interactions of R, a white rabbit who lives on coffee and M, a black monkey who loves fried chicken (that's straight from the description, don't send your letters and postcards my way).  I'll let the creators explain it.

Coffee & Fried Chicken was born on April, 7th, 2012 When M and R exchanged their vows. 

M designed the monkey & rabbit characters as the body doubles for themselves, and together they share their story with friends and families through the two characters. 

Since both M and R are a bit camera shy, they decide to use monkey & rabbit to capture little moments in their lives.

While the concept seems strange, the characters are cute, the photography is beautiful and the stories look fun to follow.

-The Highest Fever


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