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Court of the Dead

Apr 23, 2014

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New Resin Pieces by Hugh Rose: Walrus & Wooden Monkeys

8" Walrus figures by Hugh Rose
4" Walrus figure by Hugh Rose

I was very pleased to hear from the UK's Hugh Rose the other day- seems he's been busy learning how to prototype and cast his own figures! Hugh's custom pieces are always eye-popping and it's really cool to see him now working on his own designs.

The figures above are 8" and 4" resin Walrus (Walruses? Walri? I'm gonna look that up). The smaller one (above) is called 'Scrimshaw' and is etched and ink-washed in the old-timey traditional whaler style. At top is the 8" Walrus figures with hand sculpted, unique faces and tusks.

Below are Hugh's Wooden Monkeys which are 8" resin pieces, all uniquely painted.

To purchase any of Hugh's new pieces, email him at
8" Wooden Monkey resin figure by Hugh Rose
8" Wooden Monkey resin figure by Hugh Rose


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