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Court of the Dead

Apr 23, 2014

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Introducing Canmans Vinyl Toys: Coming Soon to a Shop Near You!

Canmans Series 1 (Pose, Dabs Myla, Craola, Revok)
The Canmans are a series of vinyl figures focused on graffiti artists and the art of collecting spray paint cans. There are 2 editions of the Canmans, the Artist Editions and the Blank Editions. The Artist Editions are "Limited Edition" Canmans that have been designed by some of the world's most prolific graffiti artists. Each artist creates the artwork and design for their exclusive Canman figures.

The Blank Edition is a Canman that comes with no artwork. It's a blank canvas, ready for you to do it yourself.

The Canman figures have a removable lid for storing spray paint tips and other items discreetly. Each Canman includes a "real" spray paint tip that may be interchanged with other types of spray tips!

The Canmans were originally conceived by Tyke (Witnes) of AWR and Toynami ( Series 1 includes Pose, Dabs Myla, Craola & Revok.  Series 2 includes Ewok, Rime, Tyke & Persue.

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