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Court of the Dead

Nov 19, 2016

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ARTISTS at DCON: Tag the Giant All City Style Train at Play Nice Booth #1444

All City Style and Bigshot Toyworks are teaming up with Play Nice Toys to lend some rolling thunder to their awesome live art / dance party which will take place in Oakland, CA in May 2017.

To celebrate, they've printed up some GIANT 8-foot-wide All City Style trains which will be at their DCon booth #1444. ALL ARTISTS are invited to roll up on their way into DCon and blast some art onto the giant ACS canvas!

Play Nice is easy to find at DCon. Their booth is located in the hallway between the big room and the little room, just past the entrance and the 1000toys booth. Can't miss it, there's a giant steampunk DJ booth and also Play Nice will be projecting artwork onto the opposing wall.


Dance, create, collect and share YOUR message with the world, Play Nice Toys // Booth #1444...

The DesignerCon countdown continues! As the nation continues to make history this week, con-artists everywhere are creating. What better time to get together with like minded friends to support the scene you love? 

Play Nice Booth 1444 is promoting an art/food/music mashup event located in the San Francisco Bay Area, at the historic 16th Street Train Station in Oakland, Memorial Day Weekend, Saturday, May 27, 2017

Showcasing designer toys, graffiti, sticker and DJ culture... there'll be everything from food trucks and interactive art installations to state of the art video mapping and some of the playa's favorite art cars. Get the exclusive Dcon ONLY ticket offer before prices go up!! 

Artist roster:
Alex Gwynne . Bengi Nati . Big C . Bit + Paper Toys . burn353 . Colby Sunshine -Ghost Pyramid- . Cubeecraft . DJ Qbert -Thud Rumble- . Gary Ham -Marsham Toy Hour- . Jerome Lu -Hyperactive Monkey- . Jesse Hernandez -Urban Aztec- . Keith Allen . Luke Chueh . Marko Zubak . Matt Hawkins . Nanibird . Nick Knite . Nolizz Z Li . Rosston Meyer -Poposition Press- . Ryan Hall . Salazad . Shin Tanaka . Stand Up Artista . Super Cooper . The Space Wanderer . Tougi . Toygami . Urban Paper Collective . Woes Martin -Angry Woebots- . +MANY more TBA


SAT:  3 PM ~ Catch a LIVE scratch session with DJ Qbert, grab some awesome *free* papertoys, and make sure you're first in line for a collector's edition autographed poster giveaway

SUN: 2 PM ~ Live art session, featured artists customize a GIANT All City Style *blank* train car 


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