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Court of the Dead

May 11, 2015

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Sith Interceptor #9500 - Lego - Bad guys get all the cool stuff.

The huge box this comes in, set against a screenshot from the Star Wars Old Republic game showing it landing.
I love most things dark and wicked looking, and usually find myself rooting for the bad guys, if only because no matter the universe or fantasy fiction or historical part they come from, it's like they always had the best designers and tailors working for them to make them look as menacing as possible.

I was also drawn towards wanting to get this particular set because unlike Darth Maul's ship, which has been released three times, in three different variations (let's not mention the SDCC exclusive which goes for a small fortune on the aftermarket), I think the Lego build team knew they'd probably get one shot at this ship, and so they went all out on making it look really good.
Details abound on this marvel of a set.
Well, 748 assembled bricks later, and this very faithful, sizable, and robust set formed into a very fun and incredibly cool Sith ship.

I really like when the set creators from Lego push the boundaries on a set, and especially on these mid level flagship ones that incorporate a few unique parts that you won't find on other sets, and pull in parts from the Technic line (the pistons and some connector bricks).
The rear cargo bay area holds a small vehicle and two Sith Troopers.
Play value for this thing is off the scale and right on par with it's collectable and investment level. Lego's been smart in not allowing these sets to stay out there in the wild for very long, and sure while some might argue that it can be alienating to collectors trying to find these sets, since mainly TRUs and some big box stores are the ones that carry them, unless you live near a Lego store. (I am lucky enough that I have one literally within walking distance of my office, and that's where I finally picked up this beauty.)

Wings positions open showing the working pistons and open bay area.
On a totally semi related note, I can no longer build sets that use primarily black or very dark grey bricks in them without thinking of Lego Movie Batman's quote..."I only work in black. And sometimes, very, very dark gray."

At least the song didn't get stuck in my head. You know the one... 
(Top) Here it is in my grubby little hand. Just a seriously wicked looking Old Republic era ship. (Bottom) Darth Malgun in the cockpit area. (Right Corner) The spring flick missles on both sides of the ship.

Darth Malgus and Sith Trooper details. Yes, Malgus comes with a lightsaber. Yes, in my building frenzy, I promptly lost the damn thing. Yes, I am crabby. (Right Corner) The same look was on my face when I lost the lightsaber.

So, is the set worth getting if you can find it? Oh my god, yes. It's a great build, a little repetitive on the wing parts, and will try your patience. But! The end look and display possibilities of this set are just awesome! Everything is awesome!


Thanks for reading, and I'll see you next time!. - Mario, the Rogue Hobbyist.
Stats Rating/Information
Item Old Republic Sith Interceptor (Set #9500)
Made by Lego (Star Wars license)
Rarity Very Uncommon - no longer sold in retail
Classification Modern - Released in 2008
Condition Very Good
Procured LegoLand, KCMO
Worth around $170 as of April 2015 if in a sealed box
Investment $70
Further Research
Trivia & Fun Facts
"You were given this ship by the Empire, so it wasn't some evil shop concocted out of the dark side of the Force or something. It's as if a TIE interceptor and the Millennium Falcon made out and had a baby. It's got the docking room at the back, and it's got some turrets on the sides, but it also has these big triangular wings."
―Senior Concept Artist Ryan Dening


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