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Court of the Dead

Feb 10, 2016

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SNEAK PEEK: Munny / Labbit Death Dealer - Frank Frazetta x Frank Kozik x Kidrobot

Frank Frazetta's "Death Dealer" is possibly the most iconic and badass painting in the fantasy genre. Dating way back to 1973, it has achieved legendary status in the fantasy nerdling sphere... and now the Master of Labbits has endeavored to bring the iconic imagery to his Labbity world. Here you see a SNEAK PEEK of the Death Dealer Munny riding his Labbit steed. Soon to be revealed at the Kidrobot booth at Toy Fair in New York, this will ACTUALLY be a production piece from Kidrobot!

Follow their blog for more info on that release, I don't have details yet.

Labbit x Death Dealer crossover concept by Frank Kozik, brought to life in the capable digital hands of Klim Kozinevich and Bigshot Toyworks....  we have here a production piece so badass, even my wife wants one!

If you needed more convincing that Kidrobot is BACK in a big way, here it is. Mic drop....

Here's the original Frazetta painting:


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