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Court of the Dead

Jul 16, 2015

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One Day Left to Nominate Tenacious Toys and Tenacious.Ninja Blog in the Designer Toy Awards

Hey everyone! The time is here (well, the time is almost over, actually) to nominate your favorites for this year's Designer Toy Awards! We hope you will consider nominating Tenacious Toys for Best Online Toy Store and this Tenacious.Ninja Blog for Best Blog once again!

Here's how you do it:

Click here and sign in (you'll have to either create an account or log in using the credentials you established last year).

Click "Create Nomination" in nav bar.

Then you can add in whatever toy, brand, shop etc that you want to see in the DTAs. (This isn't voting, this is basically adding in brands, products, artists or shops to be considered for the voting process).

We hope that as you are adding in your favorites, you can add Tenacious Toys and Tenacious.Ninja!

I have included a couple screen shots below so you can see how to fill out the form to nominate us:

For Tenacious Toys as Best Online Toy Store:
 they ask you for an image so you can just save this one below for
And for this blog, Tenacious.Ninja:
Here's an image for Tenacious.Ninja:


Nominations END tomorrow July 17th so definitely get yours in today.


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