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Court of the Dead

Dec 6, 2014

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f+ Babbies! Get Dem Babbies!

Bushels of bouncing baby blindbox Babbies! Josh f+ Pearce releases a brand new resin mini Blindbox series in a variety of delicious colourways- I want a Cotton Candy Sphynx.

Babbies are the latest cute little minifigure set, sculpted and cast by Josh f+ Pearce. There are three unique designs: the sleepy Merbabby, the spirited Rhinarion Babby, and the contemplative Sphynx Babby! Cast in a variety of colors ranging from neon traffic cone orange, to Glow in the dark, to cotton candy, purpletrator, and many more! These 2.5-3" resin figures are available now blindbox for $30 each here

With each blindbox you have a chance at getting a super rare Golden Ticket Babby, limited to 3 in total, entitling the owner to a unique, handpainted custom babby of their choice! They are available now at


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