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Court of the Dead

Jan 4, 2014

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Patrick Wong´s Frozen Sparvar custom Fatcap

This custom blew me away. I have no idea how he is doing this...

So here's a new custom 6" fatcap entitled "Frozen Sparvar" continuing from my "Frozen Krylon" piece from November. The concept was based around this old school way of mixing enamel spray cans back in the day by freezing an almost full can upside-down in the freezer to create custom colors for graffiti pieces. Of course before the art spraypaint like Montana and Ironlak came into vogue.

This time around I took up Sparvar because it was the European equivalent through the 80s and 90s for Krylon here in the US and Canada. I saw it as that exotic spray brand your friend might have an empty can of. It had a "tuff" attitude and favored by a lot of German writers. You would see it as a character in a piece or a t-shirt design from overseas and it always looked badass.


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