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Court of the Dead

Jan 26, 2017

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New Release "ST-60" by Patrick Wong fuses the Stormtrooper and the Sampler

Patrick Wong announces his latest art figure preorder for "ST-60", a visual mashup of the Star Wars Stormtrooper helmet and the Akai MPC60 sampler. The new release should appeal to fans of Star Wars and music producers who worked with MPCs during lives.

The "ST-60" is the followup version to his own piece "ST-1200" completed back in December of 2015. Due to the popularity of that artwork, Wong decided to produce a small limited edition run of figures in a similar strategy but this time fusing the Stormtrooper with the popular MPC60 12-bit sampling drum machine first released in 1988.

Available for a short time until Feb. 4th, 2017. The limited edition figure is priced at $145, each piece is individually numbered, and includes an accessory "floppy disk". Ordered pieces are expected to ship in the beginning of March. Visit his webshop for details:

Patrick Wong is a professional illustrator and artist based in Vancouver, Canada. He has been recognized by Applied Arts Magazine, American Illustration, Society of Illustrators Los Angeles, and Creative Quarterly the Journal of Visual Arts and Design for his work and has exhibited in galleries throughout the United States. His illustrations have been published by the Washington Post and the Sunday Times, and is the designer of Fonzo & Friends series 1 vinyl minifigures. For more information, please visit

Instagram: @patrickwongart
Twitter: @patrickwongart


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