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Sep 25, 2015

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NYCC Booth 208 - Tenacious Collective: Suburban Vinyl

OK so I've been saving this post. Not avoiding it, just preparing. It's.... big. Suburban Vinyl has a big presence at NYCC and trying to encapsulate everything they are doing, showing and selling is not an easy task.

Below you will find the Suburban Vinyl NYCC Exclusives, the other items they will be selling, their custom show, their guests, their signings, and the live painting that will be happening in their booth. Again, in case it's not clear: Suburban Vinyl is a part of the Tenacious Collective in Booth 208 in The Block at NYCC 2015. One giant booth, lots of stuff happening. Below is the stuff that Suburban Vinyl has organized themselves.

Suburban Vinyl Exclusives

  • Nerviswr3k Inner Child Purple (above) - 100 pieces at $45 each
  • John Grayson's Troopin Sane Prints on Wood: several prints in different sizes.  8x8 inches, 2 color variations, limited to 25 prints per color. Light Blue 10x10 size available Saturday only, limited to 10 pieces. (see top image)
  • ChrisRWK's Thor & Iron Man Prints on Wood (see below)
  • Lou Pimentel's BattleCat print
  • Crummy Gummy's Four Faced Slime Gummy resin piece
  • Taylored Curiosities' Autumn Treehouse resin set
  • Jacob JAMS Green Yuirkabe resin figure
  • Cat Atomic: various customs
  • Leecifer x Brent Nolasco's Bat Sister resin figures
  • Brent Nolasco's Sonny figure
  • Leecifer assorted customs and sofubi
  • JC Rivera: customs
  • Joe Scarano's prints and Paintings


 Other Items Suburban Vinyl Will Be Selling

Tequila Custom Show

On-site custom toy show using the Muttpop Tequila as a platform, with 22 different artists (see blog post here)

Suburban Guests

  • Joe Scarano
  • Kelly Denato
  • Lou Pimentel
  • Leecifer
  • Brent Nolasco
  • John Grayson
  • Dead Hand Toys
  • Cat Atomic

Suburban Signings

  • John Grayson (Thursday 12-1)
  • Leecifer & Brent Nolasco (Saturday 12-1)
  • ChrisRWK (Saturday 1-2)

Live Painting in Suburban Booth

  • Kelly Denato
  • Lou Pimentel
  • ChrisRWK


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