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Court of the Dead

Sep 22, 2015

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YOU ARE INVITED to join the Rollin Gobis Show!

Custom Gobi by MechaVirus

Our latest online custom show is an open-call show with new entries released online on a rolling basis.

Using the 3" MuttPop Gobi figure as a platform, the Rollin Gobi Show is geared towards encouragement and promotion of emerging artists. With an extremely low-cost entry (we are selling platforms for the show at $1 each), this show will serve as a launching point for artists who are just starting to try their hand at customizing vinyl toys.

"This show is a nod to our very first custom show which we threw many years ago, the brainchild of veteran artist Mike 'NEMO' Mendez," Tenacious Toys CEO Benny Kline explains. "That was such a positive and pivotal experience for me personally, with a large group of artists- all total strangers to me at the time- eager to participate. That open-call show led to numerous friendships and business relationships: NEMO, Dead Hand Toys, RSIN, Suckadelic, Rolo, OsirisOrion, Nasty Neil, Ian Ziobrowski, Den Ramos, Jeremy Brautman, and many, many more. Putting on an open-call show really set us off in the direction that we're still going in today!"

Resin Gobi by KiD iNK iNDUSTRiES
To enter the Rollin Gobis show, artists should visit the Rollin Gobis page on the Tenacious Toys website in the Shows section and purchase up to five of the $1 Gobis. Tenacious Toys will email each potential participant a contract to sign and return, and then mail out the Gobis. Full text of the contract is available to read prior to purchase within the Rollin Gobi product page.

Participation in the Rollin Gobi show offers artists the opportunity to harness the promotional energy of the Tenacious Toys system, which includes press releases, blog posts, social media posts, email lists and backlinks back to the artist's own website.

Best of all, the artist retains control over their own custom Gobi, hanging onto it until it is sold by Tenacious Toys. No funny business.
Custom Gobi by J.Riot

The first wave of custom Gobis include some of the closest friends and associates of Tenacious Toys: Jon-Paul Kaiser, KiD iNK iNDUSTRiES, Toygodd, MechaVirus, J.Riot, inprimewetrust and Cash Cannon. Look for future waves of more custom Gobis to be released on the Tenacious Toys website periodically, on a rolling basis.

For more information on the Rollin Gobis show and details of entering, contracts, sales and shipping, visit the Rollin Gobis Show page.

Join the Rollin Gobis show today!


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