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Court of the Dead

Sep 23, 2015

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NYCC Booth 208 - Tenacious Collective: Manly Art*

 Jason Chalker (Manly Art) has just released the flyers for his two NYCC Exclusives: the Pimp Speeder set (above) which comes with vehicle and chauffeur (because you already own a Pimp2-D2, right?) and the R5-D420 figure (below).

The Pimp Speeder comes with a sweet sticker sheet with 3 different hood sticker designs so you can pimp put your speeder according to your own tastes. Xhibit would approve!

15 Pimp Speeders will be available at $200 each. Definitely DO NOT sleep on this, last year we had mainstream media coverage of the Manly Art exclusives, and some celebrities stopping by to pick them up early...

R5-D420 doesn't have a bad motivator. He's just not motivated to do anything except hang out with his friends, enjoy some bantha buds and maybe order some pizza. Seth Rogen would approve! 25 R5-D420s will be available at $60 each.

To drool over more of Jason Chalker's artwork, visit his blog, his website, his shop... or better yet, stop by Booth 208 in The Block at NYCC. He's taking sketch commissions and he will also be selling a few custom Stormtrooper helmets.

*NOTE: Due to a last minute family situation, Jason will not be exhibiting at NYCC this year. Jason will provide release info for his toys at a later date. Click through to his website for all the different methods of keeping up with and communicating with him.


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