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Jan 25, 2017

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Tenacious Toys Celebrates 13 Years on eBay
Over 6000 positive feedbacks - 100% positive feedback

As we come up on our 13th year of selling on eBay, we are celebrating the platform that launched our business.

Yes, it's true: in 2004 we didn't know the first damn thing about creating a website, and ecommerce was in its infancy in terms of technical sophistication, so we launched Tenacious Toys on the one platform that made sense to us: eBay.

Since then, of course, we figured out how to sell on our own independent ecommerce site, and later we also established accounts on all the different Amazon marketplaces. We even launched our own iOS app! But eBay holds a special place in our hearts. Back in 2004 on eBay we sold Little Apple Dolls, a few "urban vinyl" figures, and small selection of random toys we picked up from smaller vendors and indy producers like SKET ONE.

I remember spending a few hours on our Little Apple Dolls eBay listing because I had no idea what to say or how to present the product. Now I have apps and listing tools that can list hundreds of items at the same time, in seconds.

It hasn't been all peaches and cream. We've been blasted repeatedly on the Kidrobot forums for selling our products on eBay. We've also been called idiots for making our username on eBay "tenacioustoys" as the boardies think it's better to be deceptive and cheat customers (maybe because so many of them are flippers?). There are a few boardies who still hate us. ROFL! And Kidrobot, for a few years, prohibited us from selling their items on eBay. Thankfully that was overturned.

Fortunately, these days it seems that most customers and vendors understand that each retailer has a whole ecosystem of shops on various marketplaces, and we have to try to make sales wherever we can to stay in business. eBay is STILL an integral part of our ecommerce strategy, and while our monthly eBay sales numbers are lower than those of our regular website, eBay does add significantly to our gross sales. I will never apologize for using the eBay platform to make sales.

In a day and age where our beloved art toy retail shops are going under left and right, I have to say, I am thankful for eBay and for all of our customers who have stuck with us for over a decade. Here's to another decade of awesome toys!


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