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Court of the Dead

Aug 6, 2014

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Sick Mr. Bigglesworth custom Mega Munny by AppleHeadToys

Mr. Bigglesworth has been locked up in the basement of the Georgia’s Insane Asylum located in Milledgeville. He was placed down in the basement and forgotten. No one knows for how long. No records can be found for this Mega Munny. He no longer speaks –unless provoked. 

Created with Sculpey, this Mega Munny is sure to be a topic of conversation. I can't believe the gruesome details here, like nose hair and boogers! Amazing. His mouth guard is attached to him because he likes to bite. A simple flaw; we all have flaws. Mr. Big’s straight jacket is customized and sewn to his exact measurements. Made out of 100% leather, his fasteners are vintage and are necessary for him to not be able to escape.

No need to brush his teeth or manicure those feet because he doesn’t mind being a little dirty. He doesn’t mind anything at all. Feel free to tell him your secrets. He won’t tell. You can always lock him up again.

Fun Facts:
  • Face/feet made out of sculpey 
  • Eyes are hand painted with resin seal 
  • Straight Jacket: hand sewn leather w/ antique fasteners 
  • Teeth made out of resin 
  • One of a Kind 
  • He likes to bite! 

Mr. Bigglesworth is for sale at the AppleHead Toys' website:


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