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Court of the Dead

Sep 23, 2022

Dirty Leia 10-inch custom statue by Forces of Dorkness

Vendor: Forces of Dorkness Type: Custom Price: 299.00 PREORDER - made to order - 2 week turnaround time What else could you expect from certified Star Wars fanboy Forces of Dorkness but a sexy Princess Leia?  Flexing all of his creative muscles, he turned Prime’s 10" Dirty Snow statue into his version of Princess Leia: Snow's hair was replaced by a 3D scan of a vintage Princess Leia figure, which was then blown up to size and adjusted to fit onto Snow’s head. 3D printing and UV-curing cement finalized the fit. The same process was followed to miniaturize a vintage R2-D2 through 3D scanning, adjustments via 3D sculpture and then 3D printing. All of the parts were combined like a dirty, dirty Princess Voltron and then hand painted by Forces of Dorkness to create the Dirty Leia. * Title: Dirty Leia  * Customized by: Forces of Dorkness * Platform designer: Prime * Producer: Strangecat Toys * Material: Vinyl * Size: 25cm or 10inches tall * this custom Leia version is limited to 10 pieces maximum Buy it here: Buy it here:


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