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Court of the Dead

Dec 19, 2012

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Cool Munnyworld Customs by 64 Colors

Creating cool customs is something that seems to come naturally for the 64 Colors duo. 64 Colors recently put up some very sweet customs in their shop: a 7" Trikky, a 7" Foomi and a 4" Trikky. Each exquisitely painted custom comes with an equally exquisite hand painted accessory. I love the way 64 Colors creates the eyes on each piece, as well as the depth of the wood-like texture. Awesome pieces of art for any collection.
"My thoughts are not my own", 7" Trikky by 64 Colors

"Double Vision", 7" Foomi by 64 Colors

"Gentleman Woodland Trikky" by 64 Colors

The 7" pieces are priced at $375 each, while the 4" Trikky is going for $230, plus shipping on each piece. Also available in their shop is a cool 5.5 x 7.25" painting titled "Thoughts", which is priced at $325 plus shipping.

Folllow 64 Colors here:
- Mark-Anthony


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