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Court of the Dead

Mar 31, 2016

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Kasey Tararuj (One-Eyed Girl) Solo Show @ Speakeasy Gallery

"Hooton" Custom Kidrobot Trikky

Kasey Tararuj is a NJ-based artist who experienced a traumatizing moment in her teenage years when an unexpected AVM on her spinal cord took away the use of her legs. Through this experience, she found her passion for art both life changing and life saving. Fifteen years of creating art on a highly therapeutic level has led Kasey to her current body of work featuring lighter subjects. Work intended for giggles, for others to relate to, and simply for the sake of creating something fun.

"Andy Lope" Custom Kidrobot Raffy

"Playtime" features a collection of 3D works focusing on beauty and light-hearted nonsense. Custom vinyl toys and original sculpts of spirited characters each use humor and emotion to convey a unique personality. Little bits of the artist's own personality as well as influences from daily life are depicted in these whimsical little characters. Whether it's amusement, playfulness, hunger, boredom, or defeat, they are all full of life and love.

"Lorence Loggerhead"  Magic Sculpt

The exhibit will be on display Friday, April 1 - May 28, 2016 at Speakeasy Art Gallery 816 Main Street, Boonton, NJ 07005.

"Biggie"  Magic Sculpt


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