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Court of the Dead

Apr 1, 2016


The Cement Skullhead Blank by Huck Gee

Opposites are everywhere. Light and dark, Black and white, Tall and Short, Sane and Republican party. Huck Gee released a beautiful crystal clear Skullhead Blank, which of course led to a pitted opposite creation, The Cement Skullhead Blank. Created using (most likely) actual cement(indeterminate ratio), The Cement Skullhead features pits and holes and for all intents and purposes, is the polar opposite of the clear Skullhead. Priced at $150 each, plus shipping, these filthy creations will go on sale April 4th, at 12pm PST. Limited to just 75 pieces, the lead time is around 6-8 weeks for shipping. Who knows, maybe a nicely colored cement custom creation will come calling quickly after collectors clean cut brown boxes open, revealing the splendor that is the Cement Skullhead Blank.


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