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Apr 2, 2016

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Tenacious Toys Offers NEW LOWER Ship Rates to UK

As we revamp and streamline good ole Tenacious Toys, we have taken a good hard look at our shipping options and figured out some ways to benefit our customers. So, in addition to the recent announcements we've made about our domestic shipments (more ship options, lower Free Shipping number), we've been able to make some extremely favorable updates to the ship options that we offer to our friends and fans in the United Kingdom.

Here are some examples:

Say you love Kidrobot's 3" Dunnys.

Well, our new ship rates allow you to order up to five 3" Dunnys and keep your shipping cost at just USD$6.95 (£4.88) - see below:

Screenshots from the Tenacious Toys shopping cart- these new rates are LIVE right now!

If you are a big collector of Funko POP figures, we are growing our selection on our site, and UK customers will be able to take advantage of this with our USD$6.95 (£4.88) shipping rate - see below:

Collectors of Kidrobot's 8" Dunnys now see shipping rates of USD$23.95 (£16.83) to ship one of those larger pieces to the UK - that's about $15 less than the USPS standard rates- see below:

Finally, if you are a big collector, we have a NEW Free Shipping promotion that we are test-driving for our UK customers which gives you FREE shipping for any order above USD$200 (£140). For example, if you wanted to pick up the two HUGE Jeremyville Banks recently released by Kidrobot, they'd ship to you in the UK FREE - see below:
We hope this encourages our fans in the UK to start considering Tenacious Toys as an honorary UK toy shop... We know that good toy shops are hard to come by these days, both in Europe and in the US, and we want ALL art toy collectors to continue to have easy access to all the newest items. Feedback welcome, and PLEASE spread this info around! Any questions, please comment or email us.

Love and crumpets from big bad NYC,

- Benny Kline, CEO


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