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Court of the Dead

Apr 4, 2016

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The Droid Foundry at ToyConUK 2016

Brand new to the roster, we have The Droid Foundry. Carrying on our underlying theme of
robots, we will have 3 releases to present to you at ToyConUK this year.


Hoverdroids have anti-grav engines which enable them to hover and move over any
terrain, their rear pulse engine on the central rotating section allow them to gain forward
motion and change direction. Their AI units have been both programmed for autonomous
and interactive work. They can work independently on tasks and where necessary, within
groups, to complete bigger projects.

Because of how they are built to survive all weathers and inhospitable environments, many
of these droids have survived in areas of the world where humans have moved away from
as a result of climate change.

When left to there own devices these droids can link their AI and start to function and work
within colonies, not unlike the modus operandi in ant/bee/termite colonies. Their basic
survival programming seems to become more advanced and in many cases droids work
together to build large shelter structures.

Hoverdroids will be priced at £25, and we will have 5 or 6 on the stand, each one unique.


Designed and manufactured to work in a number of roles from scouts to engineering,
sentry to survey etc. Simple in exterior design they have proved to be both resilient and
very adaptable, their roller tracks allowing them to work in many different environment
types and enabling them to move very quickly should they need to.

Their AI units are hardwired programmed for the specific role they have been intended for.
Software programming can be used to modify tasking as appropriate to provide
adaptability to new situations. Rollerdroids can be biometrically imprinted which allows
them to both recognise the human they are ensigned to work with and follow instructions

Rollerdroids will be priced at £25, and we will have 5 or 6 on the stand, each one unique.


Thought of as vintage now, Droiddogs were a product of the renaissance of robotics all
those years ago. Droids, although always thought of as robots, were not limited to human
form and Droiddogs were the personal droid to be seen with.

Of various designs and complexity many were just kept as robotic pets but many more
were assigned to search and rescue, survey, military, guarding roles.

Droiddogs will be priced between £28 and £40 dependent on size, and we will have a
handful available on the stand.


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