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Court of the Dead

Apr 4, 2016


VOTE 10-DOH! by Squid Kids ink

This year is election year in the United States, where a bunch of old people people will determine who will be the next figure head for the "free" country. Squid Kids Ink decided to create a Mini 10-DOH! that's sort of relevant, titled "VOTE 10-DOH!". Priced at $20 plus shipping, this limited edition figure comes complete with an appropriate sign. Available for purchase until November 8th, election day, each purchased figure will be made to order, so edition size will really depend on how many of these get purchased in the next few months. Head on over to Squid Kids Ink's online store and pick up one of these figures, a perfect place to stick the "I Voted" sticker received in November. While browsing the store, check out the awesome (albeit sad because it's "fake") 10-DOH! Entertainment system. Posted on April Fools day, the 10-Doh Entertainment system made a lot of people upset when they realized that the product was, in fact, not being released(yet?). Who knows, this figure may get produced if enough people convince Nate that it should be made, but as with lots of art, money helps things get made not words.


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