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Court of the Dead

Apr 4, 2016

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1/6 Scale Mouser 2 Pack by Mondo

Mondo has continued to create an awesome line of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Collectibles, with the latest addition to the line being Mouser. Mousers were originally introduced in the TNMT comics as an invention by the character Baxter Stockman. Mousers were created to combat the rat problem in New York city, however, Stockman plans to use them to eat away at the building foundations in NY. April O'Neal, Stockman's assistant, discovered his plan and was hunted by a horde of Mousers. Lucky for April, the famous four swooped in to save her, thus starting what would become a long relationship. Back to the Mousers, Mondo has created 1/6 scale Mousers that sit 4" high and have 20 points of articulation. Available now, Mousers can be pre-ordered in 2 different versions, a regular and Mondo exclusive. Both versions contain a 2 pack of Mousers, while the the Mondo Exclusive will come with 3 rats for the Mousers to munch on. The Mondo Exclusive version is only going to be available for pre-order until Wednesday April 6th, while the regular version currently has no limit. Each Mouser 2 pack is priced at only $50 plus shipping, while the limited Mondo Exclusive version is priced at $55 plus shipping. Head on over to Mondo's online store for more info and pictures and pick up some Mousers to go with the already released TMNT colletible figures.


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