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Court of the Dead

Apr 1, 2016

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Damaged Goods by Luke Chueh

Inner State Gallery in Detroit Michigan presents "Damaged Goods", an art show by Luke Chueh. From Luke Chueh:
As a working artist, I'm constantly dividing my time between the development of my studio art and the production of various products inspired by that artwork. I'm always searching for ways to re-interpret my studio work and take advantage of collector trends, whether it be limited edition prints, or "art toys".
In case you didn't know, Inner State Gallery is a part of the Detroit based print producer and distributor 1xRUN. For many years, I've had the pleasure of working with 1xRUN, and I've seen them grown and diversify. For my upcoming "Damaged Goods" show, I want to create a show that I could only do with Inner State / 1xRUN. For that, I plan on taking advantage of the tools and technology that they have on site. From silk screen reproduction, to hand embellished prints, to laser cut editions, this show will truly push the boundary of the kind of art work I've created and explore the merging of art and commerce.
Opening on April 22nd, 2016 and running through May 13th, anyone in the Detroit area should make the way out to Inner State Gallery and join them for the opening reception on April 22nd. For those who won't be in attendance but still interested in purchasing any art, be sure to get on Inner State Gallery's preview list.


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