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Court of the Dead

Mar 30, 2016

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24 Hour Toy Break on April 1st

After a bit of a hiatus and some time away from the couch, the Toy Break crew came back to the tube on March 23rd with Episode 381. In addition to starting back up reviewing toys and such, with guests on the couch, it was also announced that 24 hour Toy Break will be airing on April 1st through April 2nd. Starting at 5PM PST on April 1st, the Toy Break crew will start the 24 hour marathon to raise funds and asks everyone to join in on the fun, for any amount of time that allows. Of course, there will be some who are going to stick it out for the entire 24 hours, but most should at least check in throughout the 24 hour marathon. One of the great things about 24 hour Toy Break are the auctions that happen, real time, during the event. Everything from production vinyl, to hand made plush, and even some on the spot doodles and sketches have been seen in the past. All of which are typically auctioned off in the UStream Comments section. Featuring guests, reviews, antics and more, there is no telling what is going to happen as the clock ticks down starting at 5pm. In the meantime, check out Episode 381.


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