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Court of the Dead

Mar 31, 2016

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Rokudenashi Sleepwalker by Flabslab x Paulus Hyu

Releasing on April Fool's day is Rokudenashi Sleepwalker by Flabslab and Paulus Hyu. A ridiculous lovechild between a Rottweiler and a French Bulldog, he was unplanned, unwanted and totally neglected. Based on the Sleepwalker character created by Paulus Hyu, each of these pieces were painted by Paulus. Limited to just 20 pieces, each Rokudenashi Sleepwalker measures in at 6" tall and is priced at $130 plus shipping. Interested buyers need to keep in mind the release time and note that these are limited to just 1 piece per person. Be sure to check out more of Paulus Hyu's work here.


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