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Court of the Dead

Dec 19, 2012

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7 Seal Sneak Peek: Cash Cannon's 3rd Horseman "Famine"

With a little help from some of our friends, Cash Cannon has been learning a lot about making resin figures this past few months. It's really opening up his skill set to a whole new type of artistic expression. Cash is, by trade, a tattoo artist. This is a WIP shot of his "Famine" sculpt for Menace Inc Studios' 7 Seals Blind Box Series, which will be released locally in one of my favorite states, North Carolina, on Thursday. Check the Facebook event here.


Alexis Rivera (Playful Gorilla) - Seal #1 The Conqueror First Horseman
Chris Moore (WeBecomeMonsters) - Seal #2 War Second Horseman
Cash Cannon - Seal #3 Famine Third Horseman
Jeff Beck - Seal #4 Death Fourth Horseman
Ricardo Luna (lunacyfx) - Seal #5 Mark of the Beast
Motorbot - Seal #6 Destruction
HX - Seal #7 The Seven Angels
Tru:Tek - "Golden Seal" Resin Piece


The 7 Seals are based on the biblical 7 Seals of the Apocalypse. Each of the 7 Seals being broken to usher in that level of the Apocalypse.

1st Seal - Antichrist / The Conqueror(The First of the Four Horsemen)

2nd Seal - War(The Second of the 4 Horsemen)
3rd Seal - Famine(The Third of Four Horsemen)
4th Seal - Death(The Fourth and Final Horsemen)
5th Seal - The Mark of the Beast
6th Seal - Total Global Destruction
7th Seal - The Seven Angels

Each Seal theme was given to one of these awesome resin artists for them to come up with an original sculpt of what that seal meant to them. They will each cast 7 standard versions of their design as well as 1 Chase Variant of their design.


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