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Court of the Dead

Dec 20, 2012

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Motorbot's Toy of the Month Club!

Motorbot, of Deadbear Studios, recently released a Toy of the Month Club. This is basically a pre-order for 12 (or maybe even more) different resin sculpts that will be created by Motorbot. Each subscription will include an exclusive colorway and in some cases, an exclusive figure not available to the public. Each figure is set to ship on the 10th of each month and the club is limited to only 10 Subscriptions, starting the month after a subscription is paid for.

I personally love the idea of artist subscriptions, however, I can see how fronting a bunch of money can be a bit taxing on anyone's budget. Motorbot's Toy of the Month club is actually really affordable. Considering, that most of Motorbot's typical figures sell for $20 plus shipping, the subscription cost of $270 (which I believe includes shipping) for Motorbot's Toy of the Month club is great offer for any collector!

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- Mark-Anthony


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