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Court of the Dead

Jun 15, 2016

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For the Masses Podcast by Suburban Vinyl's Rob Lumino Launches on Blindbox Network

For the Masses illustration by Xavier Alvarez aka @inprimewetrust
Rob Lumino (owner of the recently closed Suburban Vinyl art toy shop in NJ) is an industrious guy. Like me, he has always held down a few jobs at the same time, launched new ventures while running other ventures. He knows a thing or 2 about a thing or 2, and frankly, if I were as smart as he is, business-wise, Tenacious would probably go the same way as Suburban Vinyl. But no, Tenacious soldiers on into insolvency and Rob Lumino has already leveled up to the next great renaissance in art toys: podcasting!

Here's his quote on For the Masses, his new podcast on the Blindbox Network:

With Suburban Vinyl closing its brick and mortar, I needed something to do. So to make a long story short, I decided to do a podcast focusing on artists and try to bring them into view as much as their artwork is.
As I was deciding this, GM over at the BlindBox Network, and host of the Blind Box Podcast, asked me if I'd like to host a podcast.

Well great minds think alike and psychopaths do also.

So somewhere in between there is GM and I. (Or me and GM. This ain't a grammar podcast who cares.)

So debuting this week is For The Masses!!! ChrisRWK is our first guest and it's an hour of me getting Chris to talk about his life to this point and he's just beginning!!!

I'd like to also thank our sponsor for this first episode, Boundless Brooklyn (

Send inquiries to:

 During his time running Suburban Vinyl, Rob has met and done business with nearly every working artist in the lowbrow art & art toy scene. It's no surprise that his first guest is someone with a bit of clout: Chris of Robots Will Kill, possibly the most notorious graffiti art / underground art crew in NYC.

Tune in to Rob's new show. I guarantee it'll be a show less about abstract speculation, and more about getting to know the people that make this whole scene vibrant and fun. Follow @forthemassespodcast on Instagram for updates!


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