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Court of the Dead

Dec 15, 2012

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Seal #4: Death Resin Figure by Menace Inc Studios

This is the first full reveal picture for the Death figure by Menace Inc Studios. Made for the 7 Seals Resin Blind Box Series, Death is about 4" tall with his scythe. The figure was cast in resin with an iron coating. Jeff used a special technique to rapidly rust the iron and then seal it to stop the rusting process and fix the look of the piece.

Pictured is the regular version- 1 of 7 made. There is also one chase variant that will be kept a surprise.

Another special one-off version will be part of the big giveaway at midnight. Several of the artists involved in the 7 Seals event will make one-off figures to give away at that magical hour of midnight at the event.

More details can be found at the Facebook event page for the 7 Seals Release Party. The party will take place at the Geeksboro Coffeehouse Cinema in Greensboro, NC.


Alexis Rivera (Playful Gorilla) - Seal #1 The Conqueror / First Horseman
Chris Moore (WeBecomeMonsters) - Seal #2 War / Second Horseman
Cash Cannon - Seal #3 Famine / Third Horseman
Jeff Beck - Seal #4 Death / Fourth Horseman
Ricardo Luna (lunacyfx) - Seal #5 Mark of the Beast
Motorbot - Seal #6 Destruction
HX - Seal #7 The Seven Angels

Tru:Tek - "Golden Seal" Resin Piece

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