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Court of the Dead

May 10, 2013

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Mega Munny Shadowling By Shadoe Delgado

Shadoe Delgado has been busy cooking up some big big sculpture! One of which, his first Mega Munny, is this Mega Shadowling.
Created for Oakland Museum's Exhibition "We Customize", Shadoe has applied a whole lot of custom sculpting in those teeth and texturing. Along with a big, and very real, set of antlers. Most of the sculpting took place over the weeks leading up to Shadoe's on-site demo in residency, where he showed off his paint application techniques.
The Exhibit stays up until June 2, when this big fella will go up in Shadoe's shop, with a return to commission work in June. Though, we've heard there is a bit of a list, which is not suprising from a DesignerToyAwards Break Through Artist Nominee. Inquire a piece at



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