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Court of the Dead

May 8, 2013

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Spider-Man Munny's from Tibong

Tibong has recently finished an insane set of sculpted Micro Munny's. Really like his own style that he gaved this characters...

 1. Spider-Man. First time ever attempting to make Classic Spider-Man (line work came out decent).
 2. Green Goblin. A must if one makes a Classic Spider-Man. Satchel made with styrene and some clay.
 3. Kraven the Hunter. I love Kraven outfit, the different animal patterns and color schemes.
 4. The Vulture. I don't think anybody have ever attempted to make this old bird, love the wings (base of wings are styrene)
 5. The Scorpion. Probably the worst face sculpt of the bunch, wasn't sure how to tackle the mask, tail came out good though. 

Price: $40 a piece.
Shipping: Free in the US for 1, $3 for each additional figures.
Shipping: Worldwide:$8 for 1, $3 for additional figures.

Where: My bigcartel shop

I also accept commission requests, prices are in line (give or take the request) with the shop prices. I am willing to make whatever anybody wants.


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