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Court of the Dead

Aug 25, 2015

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Breaking Bad RC Car Shell by PaintByIan

One of the hallmarks of a really exceptional paint-job, for me, is its ability to transcend the platform it's applied to. I don't have a remote control car, but I want this painted shell. Pardon me- custom painted shell, done by 1 person with an airbrush.

Instagram vinyl toy enthusiest @PaintByIan is an artist in his own right, with a number of years experience professionally painting racing gear & hobby equipment. RC Cars are toys, right? This piece was too cool not to share. It looks digitally designed and factory-made, when in fact, it's all laid out, meticulously masked, & sprayed by hand.

Ian notes we can anticipate some painted vinyl toys after the completion of some current contracts. With artwork that is more carefully applied than a lot of production-grade pieces, I'm looking forward to seeing how Ian's techniques translate onto vinyl toys. On say, a Mega Munny perhaps. :)
If you have questions about custom projects, email Ian at or connect through Instagram @paintbyian 


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