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Aug 25, 2015

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Seawater Sweeties Are Full of Candy Cuteness

That bit about "Fish are Friends, not Food" is an endearing sentiment, but... Inki-Drop's fish friends are food, and, they look adorably delicious.

Seawater Sweeties are super huggable 10"+ plush toys patterned after both yummy treats and endangered animals. Artist Inki-Drop's aims to raise awareness by making plush versions of species that are at risk.

Seawater Sweeties are currently up for funding on Kickstarter to enter a full production run of 1000pcs each. Inki-Drop claims that if fully funded, some future proceeds would be donated to conservation efforts- which I'd surely like to see be the case for a project built on the pathos for animal conservation efforts.

With 3 cuddly characters to choose from, it's hard to pick a favourite. The catch-phrase "bacon of the sea" is a pretty fantastic descriptor for Loin-Shark though.

Pledge for your favourite foody-fish friend on Inki-Drop's Kickstarter here.


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