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Court of the Dead

Jun 3, 2013

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Angry Woebots Apparel and Custom Mega Munny

Aaron "Angry Woebots" Martin has been on a constant art hustle for some time now. His art, no matter what the media, tends to sell out quickly. Now, while he is currently in Hawaii, Aaron is still finding time to create art for people to buy. Case and point, Aaron has 2 shirts and a large tote available to pre-order. One shirt uses his Furs and Fang 2 painting, while the other shirt uses a print of the painting he did at the Thirtynine Hotel. Both shirts retail for $30 plus shipping and are only available until June 5th (or Friday June 7th).

Image of Sneaky Tee "Thirtyninehotel Install Photo print"
Image of Fur & Fang 2 Tee
Aaron's Fur and Fang 2 painting is also being printed on the large tote bag, which has a circular print of the paiting. The tote is selling for $50 plus shipping and is also made to order.

Image of Fur & Fang 2 Large Tote Bag 
Of course that is not enough, also available is a custom Mega Munny. A great addition for any collector.
Image of Mega Mun Mun

Go pick up some dope shirts or a great custom.


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