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Court of the Dead

Jun 6, 2013

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Estria Battle Festival 2013: A Celebration of Public Art - A Kickstarter Project

Public Art is something that every community in the world should have, support and celebrate. Globally renowned muralist Estira Miyashiro created the Estria Battle in 2007 to help engage youth, celebrate public art and build communities. For 2013, the Estria Battle has turned into, what hopefully will be, a great festival for the arts in Oakland, CA.

Funding huge events such as this one does not come cheap or easy. In order to help fund the Estria Battle Festival, Estria Battle has recently launched a Kickstarter, which will run until July 11th, 2013. With a $25,000 goal and a little over a month to reach that goal, Estria Battle will need all the help they can get.

Pledge levels start at $5, which will get a Thank you from Estria Battle. A $25 pledge will get a backer an 11x17" never before released poster by Alex "Defer" Kizu. Jesse Hernandez has also hopped on board, lending a Estria Battle Poster($25 Pledge) design that will also be printed on T-Shirts($50 Pledge) and Hoodies($100 Pledge) for backers. Prints and original pieces from a bunch of other artists are also available as a reward for varying pledge levels. As with all Kickstarters, keep in mind that funds will only get charged to backers if the Kickstarter is fully funded when the Pledge period ends on July 11th.

I've always been a fan of art, no matter what the medium. Public art plays such a vital role in every community, often by turning dreary and bland walls into great colorful works of art. Make a pledge if you can, or at least help spread the word and let's all help get the Estria Battle Festival Funded.


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