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Court of the Dead

May 2, 2016

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SoKo Cat Release - Custom Godzilla - Chibi Godzilla

Chibi Godzilla has been custom molded and cast in resin.  SoKo Cat has hand-painted the completed pull, with high-quality acrylics and washes, to produce a unique, original-colorway itty bitty kaiju!  With yellow, glazed eyes and painted fangs, the detail on this piece is remarkable, given it is only 7/8 inches tall!

10 custom Chibi Godzillas are available!  They will be available for purchase from SoKo Cat's online store, dropping Monday, May 2, 2016!  Be sure to keep an eye out for these adorable but still fierce monsters, as they will surely sell out quickly!

Important: Due to the nature of their small size, there may my a few small imperfections in the cast resin (i.e. itty bitty bubbles.)  It is because of this reason that they will be priced at $25 each with
free domestic shipping!

Not for the younglings!  Although a toy, it is a toy for youths ages 13 and up.  No, seriously.  This little guy is 7/8" tall and can be a very quick and nasty gulp for a small child.  Consider yourself


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