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Court of the Dead

May 3, 2016

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Erock and Heavy Metal Wookie from I Break Toys

May 4th has been dubbed Star Wars day by the world, for sounding similar to the famous words "May the Force..". Now, on May 4th, Star Wars themed toys, clothing and collectibles flood the internet in celebration. Artist Lisa Rae Hansen, I Break Toys, recently created some Heavy Metal inspired resin figures called Erock and the Heavy Metal Wookie. Initially released at TOYCON UK, the remaining batch of figures are going to be made available for preorder on May 4th, 6PM BST. Each figure is based on an original Kenner toy, cast in resin and hand painted by Lisa. Packaged in a non-sealed blister pack, each figure is signed and numbered. Erock has removable drumsticks, while the "Wookie" has articulated arms(thanks to magnets) and a removable guitar. Available through the I Break Toys online store, Erocks are priced at £30 and the Wookies are £40 each. With the edition of each figure being limited to just 10 pieces, this May 4th preorder will have only 5 of each figure available, since the first half was sold during TOYCON UK. Be sure to follow Lisa on social media and keep up with all Lisa's custom creations through I Break Toys.


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