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Court of the Dead

Nov 20, 2015

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DCON: Blown Away Dunnys by Josh Mayhem at Kidrobot's Booth #518

Designer Con 2015 has a long list of available pieces, many of which will likely sell out before the weekend is over. Recently featured by Kidrobot, Josh Mayhem will have a good number of his Blown Away styled Dunnys at the Kidrobot Booth #518. Several 8" and 3" Dunnys were given Josh's colorful application of paint drips over sculpted features. The end results are colorful Dunnys that look like the wind is blowing the paint right off the surface. With the 8" Dunnys priced at $500 each, the 3" Dunnys fit into more people's budget with a price of $100 a piece. Josh's process was recently featured on Kidrobot's Blog, with some great pics and explanation from Josh, what it takes to create these amazing pieces. 
Blown Away Dunny progress shots, photo pulled from, taken by Josh Mayhem,
For those who won't be able to attend Designer Con 2015, Josh Mayhem is always open for commissions, so just get in contact with him and something can always be worked out. 


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