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Court of the Dead

Nov 20, 2015

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DCON: Angry Koala Gear x Obscure Bootlegs release

More Designer Con 2015 releases, this time from Angry Koala Gear and Obscure. Going with the mash-up bootleg offerings, Obscure created a few cool characters: Blackula Calrissean, Darth Feratu, and Lil Fett. Each figure was molded, cast and painted by Obscure, while the backer card designs were created by the Angry Koala team and produced by Dead Greedy. Here is the backstory behind Blackula Calrissean:
"He comes from the deepest parts of the ghetto.  He was visited by a space vampire, that was known as Darth Feratu.  After bitten, Darth Feratu locked him away in a coffin.  He eventually woke up on an alien planet in the clouds.  He is now on a mission to find that jive blood sucka that turned him."
Fully painted versions of Blackula Calrissean will be available from the DKE Booth #812 for $40 a piece. Fully GID versions are also going to be available, through Angry Koala Gear and Obscure's Booth #200, for $20 a piece. In addition to the Blackula Calrissean bootlegs, Obscure will have a few painted Darth Feratus and Lil Fetts for $30 a piece. Be sure to stop by Booth #200 and say hello.
Angry Koala Gear
IG: @obscureakg

Dead Greedy
IG: @deadgreedy


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