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Court of the Dead

Oct 23, 2014

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Tim Wollweber at Designer Con 2014 Booth #901

Designer Con 2014 is right around the corner, with news and info being released daily by artists and companies who are going to be in attendance. Making it's debut at DCon 2014, Tim Wollwebers's Micro Monsters will be available his Booth #901. Each Micro Monster is a resin piece, cast by Play Dead Toys(Michael 'Bubo' Reilly), using the original sculpts created by Tim. Tim used Kidrobot Micro Munnys as a base and created 6 different Micro Monsters. The series will kick off with the following Micro Monsters:
-Count Moorlok the vampire
-The Mad Doctor's Creation
-The Werewolf 
-The Pharaoh Arisen
-Dapper Mr Death
-Mer-creature from the Dark Depths
For now, only 3 of the 6 monsters have been teased, with the remaining 3 to be revealed shortly. Tim will have all the micro monsters for sale at DCon 2014 Booth #901. DIY colored resin versions of the micro monsters will cost $20 each, with a complete set of all 6 micro monsters priced at $110. Tim is also going to hand paint a number of micro monsters with those priced at $80 each, or a complete set of 6 hand painted micro monsters for $425.
To add to all the resin micro monster madness, Play Dead Toys also cast a small number of resin Glow-In-The-Dark Bioluminescent Mer-Creatures, which will be priced at $45 each. Based on the provided photos, these GID Mer-Creatures will glow quite nicely.
Not to limit the micro monster goodies to just one booth, Tim and Play Dead Toys will have an Exclusive "Onyx" colorway available at Spanky Stokes Booth #518. Limited to just 3 sets, each Onyx micro monster is priced at $45, while a complete set will cost $200.

Below are a few production shots from Play Dead Toys, showing the casting of the micro monsters. It's always nice to take a peak behind the scenes of a production line, no matter how big or small the line may be.
Be sure to follow Tim Wollwebber and Play Dead Toys as they reveal more goodies to be had in the future.


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